YogaMotion Academy

RYS300 Advanced Teacher Training


YogaMotion RYS300 Registration Policies:

  • You must be certified under a RYS 200 school.
  • RYS 300 curriculum is to be completed in a two - three-year period.
  • Minimum attendance requirement is 100 hours per year.
  • If the minimum hours of attendance are not met you must reapply to the program submitting a new registration fee.
  • This RYS 300 training consists of five required 40-hour immersions plus 100 hours of electives.
  • 40-hour immersions include 32 hours of classroom hours and eight hours of home study and personal consultation to be completed within three months of training date or a late fee will be applied.
  • Required courses may be repeated for elective hours.

Upon acceptance into the 300-hour advanced training program YogaMotion Academy will provide you with following:

  • Official Enrollment and a welcome packet.
  • Discounted rate on tuition for all required immersions.
  • Annual report detailing your status of credits tracking all training completed within the three-year time allotment
  • Annual calendar of events sent with your welcome packet and each September thereafter. Changes do occur so view the website for up-to-date information.  
  • Letter of attendance for each training completed throughout the two - three year period. These hours may be applied as continuing education credit to maintain your RYT200 while also being applied toward your RYT500.
  • YogaMotion Academy 300-hour teacher training certificate upon successful completion of the program with eligibility for Yoga Alliance RYT500

By submitting this form along with your electronic signature and one-time registration fee, you agree to follow YogaMotion Academy’s policies for the 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training Certification:

Please complete all the questions below in detail.
Have you taught Yoga since completion of your previous training?
If yes, please list where, how long, and what was/is the emphasis of your classes/events. 
Have you done any other training/continuing education since your certification program(s)?
If yes, please list below:
Do you hold any other degrees or certifications in any additional healing modalities? If so, please list:
What is your passion as it relates to teaching Yoga and/or offering Yoga Therapy?
Please tell us your reasons for taking the YogaMotion Academy RYS300 Advanced Teacher Training:
We use this information to better assist you during the Trainings, not to screen participants (unless participation would be medically inadvisable).
Please describe your overall current physical health and any limitations or special needs:
Describe history (include dates) of back/spine/neck problems and indicate whether they still give you problems. Please be specific:
Describe history (include dates) of joint problems (knee, hip, shoulder, etc.), including joint repair/replacement surgeries. Please be specific:
Tell us about your mental and emotional health (previous therapy, eating disorders, bouts of depression, PTSD, addictive behavior, etc. Please note that any difficult times you have gone through will bring you closer to students experiencing the same):
Tell us about your dietary health and any special needs.
Do you have any other information or concerns to share about attending this program? 
I hereby certify that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge.